For the environment


Our environmental protection measures

Together for a greener world

We take our responsibility for a better earth seriously. Every day we do our best to manage the balancing act between your comfort and the most climate-friendly footprint possible. 


We have a wall box where you can charge your electric car with a Type 2 charging connection with 11kW. Depending on consumption, we will add the charged kWh to your room bill.

We have two bike huts where you can charge your e-bike free of charge. The huts are locked by us every evening so that the bikes are kept safe.

Help us to do something good for the environment!
For stays of two nights or more, do without your room cleaning and receive a drink voucher at the reception.

How do we try to implement environmental awareness in the room?
📱 All information about your stay, as well as any tips for restaurants, hiking tours and Co. can be found online. This saves us a lot of paper and makes it easier for us to keep you up to date on a daily basis.
🧴 We refill the shampoo, soap and shower gel bottles so that there is no unnecessary plastic waste.
💧 You will find a water carafe filled by us in every room. And if you don't feel like water, our drinks fridge is available at the reception at any time.
👞 Sewing kit, shoe cleaning kit and co. are from environmentally friendly production.
🧼 We use environmentally friendly cleaning agents.

Did you know that Bad Toelz has tap water of excellent quality? That is why the Toelz tap water is carbonated to get sparkling water. We hardly have to buy bottled water and can protect the environment.
We avoid plastic wherever possible. At the breakfast buffet you will find many homemade delicacies in jars. In the restaurant we use glass straws.

For environmental reasons, we deliberately do without a minibar in every room. Our self-service refrigerator is available to you at any time for chilled drinks based on trust. Simply take out the drink and enter it in the list. Got something to chill and store? No problem! Just talk to us and we will be happy to store the refrigerated goods!

Our motto "Alpine love" is also reflected in the choice of our suppliers.

Our eggs come directly from the Ringlerhof in Ellbach.
We source the meat from the award-winning Haller butcher from Murnau and the Rottenwallner butcher from Bad Toelz.
We get our juices from the Fruchtsaefte Mosterei Wenig in Arzbach.
We obtain the rolls from the Wiedemann bakery in Bad Toelz.
The Riedmeier family bakery on Marktstraße provides us with great bread.

We have a solar system on one of our roofs. This means that our water is heated depending on the solar radiation. The energy gained is transferred to a buffer storage.

Our heat recovery from the cold stores is also connected to the buffer storage. If the water is still not hot enough, our Hoval gas heater will take care of the rest.

We obtain our electricity locally from Stadtwerke Bad Toelz.
“Eco-friendly and sustainable:
The electricity of Stadtwerke Bad Toelz comes 100% from environmentally friendly and renewable energy sources and is part of a sustainable energy supply.

The mainstay of our eco-electricity mix is hydropower. In 2015 we completely renovated the Bad Toelz reservoir on the Isar. It generates around 10 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year. As a smaller partner, the Ellbach run-of-river power plant contributes additional energy.” (Source:  Stadtwerke Bad Tölz)

Since we cannot yet do without gas heating completely, we do our best to choose the most environmentally friendly option here as well.
We source our natural gas locally from Stadtwerke Bad Toelz.

"Good is not good enough for us. That is why Stadtwerke Bad Toelz decided to completely reduce the impact on the climate through the use of natural gas and thus set an example. All natural gas delivered to our customers is carbon neutral. In this way, when purchasing Toelzgas, consumers automatically make an important contribution to environmental protection at no extra charge.”
(Source: Stadtwerke Bad Tölz)

Our PV system is currently still on our waiting list. We hope that this can be installed in the autumn.


Do you have any other ideas or suggestions on how we can improve? Feel free to contact us directly!


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